October 14, 2022
How to properly clean my toothbrush?

How to properly clean my toothbrush?

It seems like everyone thinks about how to brush their teeth properly, but what no one talks about is how to clean their toothbrush the correct way. 

Why should we clean our toothbrushes?

Numerous species of bacteria and germs live in your mouth. The bacteria, saliva, toothpaste, food particles, and blood that you brush off of your teeth and tongue stay on your toothbrush. According to studies, a toothbrush might still be contaminated with bacteria even after being rinsed with water.

How to clean it properly:

Use hot water to rinse. The majority of the time, rinsing your toothbrush under hot running water is sufficient to keep it clean.

After and before each usage, wash your toothbrush. The bristles will become softer and loosen toothpaste and food residue with the aid of hot water. To make the bristles stiffen up, run your thumb under hot water and then through cold water again.

Air dry. Mold or germs can grow more easily in a damp atmosphere. According to studies, toothbrushes kept in travel cases, locked containers, and toothbrush covers harbor more bacteria than those that are allowed to air dry.

Rinse your toothbrush after you’re done brushing, then shake off any extra water. To help drain the water, swipe your finger or thumb across the bristles. If you decide to put a holder or container over your toothbrush, let it air dry first while standing upright.

Perhaps you should carry two toothbrushes. Because of this, you can use one while the other air dries.



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