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PESITRO® – Over 15 years in oral health

As a leading oral health company, we work in close collaboration with dental experts to develop, manufacture and market high-quality & functional oral health solutions. Our range of good quality products are designed to make people’s dental care routine as uncomplicated and encouraging as possible – combining superior functionality with stylish design.

We care for healthy smiles

Oral health plays an important role in people’s general health and wellbeing. One of our objectives is to enable people to keep their teeth healthy for life. Since the first tooth, we have tailor-made products – designed for your individual needs, preferences, and dental habits. As such, you can always find a perfect match for you and your family.

We care for knowledge

We aim to always lead the way in our field. Our innovative ideas and dental expertise keep us in the forefront and empower our vision of raising awareness of oral health worldwide.

We care for sustainability

Our brand should be a true quality experience, today and in the future. PESITRO® guarantees and stands behind every product we sell, every order we ship and every customer that places their trust with us.


Joseph Zhang
President of PESITRO®


  • 15+
    years in the market
  • 10+
    partner countries
  • 25+
    SKU’s in the catalogue
  • 30+
    distributors around the world
  • 250+
  • 20,000m²
    of modern factory

Our Mission

To make people healthy throughout their lives by delivering ultra functional oral care products.

Pesitro Toothbrush


To raise the awareness of people on the oral health.

Pesitro Toothbrush


To enable people to keep their teeth healthy for life;
To become a worldwide well-known brand;
To produce high-quality products.

Pesitro Toothbrush

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